Author's Guide

  1. Submission is limited to members of the Society in principle. (If you are not a member of the Society, you must pay twice the publication fee.)
  2. Manuscripts are accepted at any time without any period of time, and all of them should have refereed pass (3 referees). At the time of reviewing manuscripts, all the names and affiliations of the authors are deleted and a fair review is conducted.
  3. Acceptance of the manuscript and the order of publication are subject to the resolution of the Editorial Board.
  4. Manuscripts should be sent to e-mail (address: using "Hangul" (paper size: A4, font: Shinmyungjo 9 points)
  5. Manuscripts should be written in Korean and follow the Ministry of Education Notice (1988), Standard Language (1988), and Foreign Language (1985).
  6. Please attach the title of the paper briefly so that the contents appear well. Please make sure that the first letter of the title is Korean. It is better not to attach subtitle. When you have to stick it, put a hyphen (-) before the subtitle. If your title (including subheadings) is longer than 30 characters including spaces, please put the Running Head within 30 characters.
  7. Attach Korean abstract briefly. Please put the Korean abstract in front of the main text.
  8. Attach the English abstract at the end of the paper (before the appendix). Please include both the title of the paper and the author's full name and address (including e-mail address) in English.
  9. Draw pictures using a computer, or draw them clearly on white paper and attach them directly in the text.
  10. All tables and figures should be numbered and have a simple title.
  11. Please follow the format of the American Psychological Association(American Psychological Association, 750 Frist Street NE, Washington, DC 20002, U.S.A.)'s Publication Manual (4th Ed., 1994) for the references of the manuscript, how to cite references in the text, and how to write papers.
  12. For the articles published in this journal, the publication fee must be paid. The publication fee is 100,000 won for the first 6 pages, and the additional portion is 10,000 won for each page. However, for research papers that receive grants, you must pay twice the publication fee.
  13. If several people have written a paper, write the main author first. In addition, one publication may be permitted to publish two articles of a particular author, but both publications are limited to being the first author. (In other words, if one is a first author, the other is a collaborator, not a first author.)
  14. In accordance with the amendment of the Guidelines for Securing Research Ethics, “Position” of all authors has been added as a mandatory item when publishing a submitted paper. If you have no any affiliation now, you are recommended to write your last affiliation, title, and school (affiliation) year. (Example) Author’s name(** University, Asso. Professor)
    (** University, Instructor), (** Institute, Researcher or Post Doc.) (** University, Graduate student), (** High School, Teacher) (** High School Student, Grade 11)
  15. Please send the manuscript sent to the author for correction to the secretariat by e-mail immediately after correction. Excessive proofreading may be delayed due to the need for review.